When inspecting a roof, one of the main things we are always on the lookout for is any breach in the roof that allows water to penetrate into the home.  Common problems we find are exposed nails and staples, loose or broken shingles, cracks in sealers around vents and A/C units (usually caused by our extreme Arizona temperatures), and poor craftsmanship in some cases unfortunately.  We have seen a multitude of roofing issues and our team is thoroughly trained on what to look for. You can trust our inspectors at DPI to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your roof at the time of your inspection. Repairing a roof can be a costly expense and water damage can destroy a home’s interior.  Let us provide some peace of mind during your next home purchase with a quality home inspection by De Losa Property Inspections.


Problems Identified During Routine Roof Inspections