About Us

Scott De Losa

I started my “relationship” with houses as a young child working with my family in upstate New York (Elmira Heights), gutting distressed homes & remodeling them to be used as rental properties. That venture soon took off into building Custom Homes my father designed himself. We sub-contracted some of the work but most of it was done by my Dad, Mom, Brother & I.

I was introduced into the Termite & Pest Control Industry in 2003, and by 2009 I had enough “practical field experience” to obtain 3 Qualifying Party Licenses. During this process I racked up over 15,000 hours in Termite Inspections.

My career in home inspection began with education from The American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT), part of the training consisted of parallel inspections with an experienced home inspector and passing the training exam. In July 2010, I passed the National Home Inspector Examination & have been enjoying my career since. As an Arizona state certified property, pool/spa and termite inspector, I have completed thousands of home inspections/reports and have trained several people looking to become certified inspectors.

Now continuing with my forward progression, I am now the proud owner of De Losa Property Inspections LLC. We provide Arizona home buyers & sellers with thorough, detailed property inspections and highlight the positive, as well as the negative aspects of any type property.

All visually/readily accessible systems, components & structures will be inspected from foundation to roof. Our home inspection report is the superior report in the industry, very easy to comprehend; it includes several pictures, thus providing visual as well as narrative information. We will communicate the finding objectively & explain the conditions of the property at the time of inspection.